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What would it be like to never again experience the full on symptoms of a Flu or Cold?

With the Covid-19 virus having already killed thousands of people worldwide, I can not stress enough how important our immune system is to us.

As human beings living on this planet our bodies have been bombarded with so many deleterious substances that our immune systems are incredibly out of whack. The number of people being diagnosed with cancer and autoimmune disease is on the rise. People are succumbing to bacterial and viral infections at an alarming rate. The young, the elderly and the already immunocompromised are at great risk of becoming seriously ill.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

Mahatma Ghandi

The human body has everything it requires to keep us healthy, to get rid of pathogens such as viruses but again, our immune system has been weakened by chemicals, drugs and stress. Autohemotherapy (AHT), a natural blood therapy that has been practiced and proven to be successful for a long time now is making a comeback. It is a self immunization technique which keeps our immune system running at a controlled and optimal level so that pathogens do not get a foothold in our body.

Why is it making a comeback, maybe because it works! Why do people not know about it, maybe because there is no money to made when people are healthy!

I have been doing Autohemotherapy now for almost 10 yrs. I have been sick once in ten years with a flu that I contracted in 2017 when I travelled to the US. During the time I was sick I continued with the Autohemotherapy and was up and back to normal within a week. Many others who had gotten sick with this particular strain of flu took several months to be fully free of it. Many had also died from it.

With Autohemotherapy you will still get the flu or cold virus in your body but when you do, the symptoms will be mild. I have never been bed ridden with the cold or flu other than the once previously mentioned. Symptoms I have come down with that indicate that I have picked something up might be mild sniffles and a bit of a runny nose; being a little more tired than usual; a bit of a cough but nothing that lasted for more than a couple of days and then I was back to feeling pretty good again. During this time, I would also take an extra injection for a few days to help get rid of the infection.

I would also like to say that if antibiotics are indicated due to a secondary infection caused by the virus, don’t hesitate to take them but continue with your AHT.

What is it like not succumbing to cold and flu viruses, it feels great! No need for prescription drugs, no need for over the counter cold and flu medications. My body likes the fact that I am not ingesting all those chemicals. (I bet the pharmaceutical companies don’t though). Most of all, I like the fact that I don’t get sick! I work in an environment where I am surrounded by germs, a hospital medical laboratory. Autohemotherapy has kept me healthy with absolutely no negative side effects, only positive side effects. The benefits of doing AHT are pretty amazing. It does more than keep viruses at bay. For more information visit Feel free to comment, like and share this post with anyone you feel would benefit from this natural blood therapy.


Dale Lane

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