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Psoriasis... What would you give to be free of this disease?

Psoriasis can be a physically and emotionally debilitating disease. As of today there is no known cure, only treatments. I have heard many people say they would give anything to be rid of this disease. Sure there are drugs you can take to help treat the symptoms but they do not cure you of the disease. Autohemotherapy (AHT) may be the closest answer we have to a cure not only for Psoriasis but for many other autoimmune diseases.

AHT involves taking 1 ml of your blood from a vein and immediately injecting the blood back into one of your muscles. When this is done once a day (for optimum results) or every other day (as an alternative) your immune system recalibrates or resets itself and does so on a daily basis keeping it running at an optimal controlled state. When your immune system is functioning properly your body has the ability to heal itself.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease meaning your body is having an abnormal immune response to a normal part of your body, in this case your skin cells leaving it dry, itchy, red, scaly and sore. There are five main types of psoriasis and each affects the body differently and in varying degrees. A properly functioning immune system does not attack its own body, therefore, Autohemotherapy in my opinion is a very promising natural blood therapy.

Treatments for Psoriasis includes steroid creams, vitamin D3 cream, UV light and immune system suppressing drugs. These drugs may get rid of the Psoriasis but at the same time will suppress the immune system making the body more susceptible to disease. Side effects include infections( due to suppressing your immune system), IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), Hypersensitivity Reactions (Anaphylaxis & Urticaria), oral candidiasis, impetigo, increased liver transaminases ( meaning your liver is being damaged), Psoriatic Arthritis, hypercholesterolemia and many more negative side effects.

There is no magic pill for the cure of Psoriasis and many other diseases but if you are willing to give Autohemotherapy a try you may be pleasantly surprised and excited at the outcome, but you have to stick with it. There are no negative side effects with AHT other than a bit of bruising or hitting a nerve once in awhile. I have experienced only positive side effects. The following link will take you to a site where Autohemotherapy was used on an individual with a severe form of Psoriasis and the results were pretty amazing after only 27 treatments over a 6 month period.

**Note, Autohemotherapy in this case was applied differently from what I have suggested above. 10 mls of blood was injected, twice into the buttocks, once a week. That is 20 ml of blood! I have explained a little more about the advantages of injecting a small amount on a daily basis on my website, please have a look.

Autohemotherapy is being offered in several clinics and hospitals but they are adding ozone to your blood which I don't agree with. This is a natural blood therapy, you do not have to add anything to your blood before injecting back into your muscle. You can practice this inexpensive therapy in the comfort of your own home. Giving up 5 minutes a day for Autohemotherapy will improve your health and quality of life more than you know.

Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate, and in circulating it can increase in quantity and, hopefully, in value.

Louis L'Amour

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