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How to Maximize The Health Benefits Of Autohemotherapy

Updated: May 21, 2020

Dr. Paul Ravaut, was a French physician who successfully practiced autohemotherapy on his patients as early as 1913. Dr. Jesse Teixeira, a physician who worked in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil also practiced autohemotherapy successfully on his patients during the early part of the 20th century. Dr. Luiz Moura and his father Dr. Pedro Moura were physicians living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and practiced Autohemotherapy successfully on their patients during the 20th century as well. This therapy works and has been around for over 100 yrs!

Nine years ago, I did not know anything about Autohemotherapy until I came across the work of these brilliant physicians. I intuitively knew that there was something to this therapy and after some research, started practicing autohemotherapy on myself, doing it more for preventative reasons than anything else. We are now in the year 2020 and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

“They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself” Andy Warhol

It has been over a 100 yrs since the inception of this natural, blood self-immunization therapy and the majority of people who are practicing AHT at the moment are practicing it as it was done back then. People ask me why I do it the way I do, and not the way that Dr. Luiz Moura and others do it, this is why.

Over the course of nine years I experimented with AHT several different ways:

I did not start at 10 mls once a week because I just did not want to inject that much blood into a muscle and I could not rotate my upper body around enough to be able to inject it into my butt. 10 mls of blood is a lot to work with and the chances of clots forming before injecting it into the muscle is high. Also, if you have veins that are not easy to work with, often times you would not get 10 mls of blood and you would get clot formation. You cannot inject blood once it has started to clot, you have to start over.

I found injecting 5 ml of blood was still a lot of blood to inject into my deltoid muscle but I did it

2 x a week for 6 months. I noticed that my energy level would peak after an injection and then noticeably drop until my next injection. I definitely felt a difference in between injections.

Noticing the difference in how I felt in between injections I decided to try it more often, hence 3ml, 3 x a week. I was starting to feel pretty good. No colds, no flu bugs, no sore throats, no seasonal allergy symptoms, injuries healed faster, my mind felt clear, was able to handle stressful situations better, very little anxiety, more energy, more strength, no body aches or pains, better digestion, no negative side effects and these were just the noticeable symptoms. What other positive side effects are there to Autohemotherapy? We are just beginning to find out.

It finally dawned on me, why not stimulate my immune system on a daily basis, keep it continuously running at an optimal, controlled level and feel good everyday, that is just what I did! I started injecting 1 ml of blood on a daily basis into my thigh muscles, working with 1 ml of blood is so much easier. That is all it takes to stimulate an immune response, 1 ml of your own blood.

You can see by the graph below that stimulating your immune system on a weekly basis (green line) with 10 mls of blood, your white blood cells known as monocytes will increase upon injection. After 2 days, levels of these cells will drop back to pre-AHT levels before your next weekly injection. You are basically starting all over again. Why the physicians did it this way was due to practical reasons, they did not have time to see these patients on a daily basis to perform AHT on them. The yellow line shows AHT being practiced every other day by injecting 1 ml of blood, you build up your levels of monocytes and macrophages and they do not drop back down to pre-AHT levels. The blue line shows how your immune system will stay stimulated and ready to tackle foreign invaders on a continuous basis by practicing AHT everyday by injecting 1 ml of blood. Again, you build up your levels of monocytes and macrophages to an optimal level and it stays there. This is just a very simplistic, basic diagram giving you a visual as to what happens. Base line levels of Monocytes vary between each individual and when stimulated with AHT, these levels will vary as well. AHT essentially recalibrates your immune system bringing it back to levels which is normal for your body.

Stimulating the production of Monocytes with AHT will help maintain adequate levels of macrophages in tissue. Available data suggest that developing and maintaining appropriately sized and physiologically beneficial tissue-resident macrophage pools has a positive impact on health.

To maximize the health benefits of Autohemotherapy, doing it everyday is your best choice, 2nd choice would be to do it every other day which is what I am doing now. This seems to be working beautifully for me at the moment. You can practice AHT:

  • on a regular basis ie. daily, biweekly, weekly

  • on a regular basis and take breaks from it

  • once in awhile when you feel you need it, ie when you feel like you are getting sick

  • more often if you do get sick or stressed, ie once a day, twice a day until you are feeling better

I can definitely say that the difference between doing it once in awhile and on a regular basis is like night and day. You will probably be doing AHT yourself and therefore will have a choice to do it anyway, anywhere and anytime you choose. Practicing AHT will benefit every body and whichever way you choose to do it, is better than not doing it at all.


Dale Lane

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