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Autohemotherapy...a treatment for Covid19?

Many non-governmental groups such as Doctors Without Borders also known as MSF ( Médecins Sans Frontières Canada) has called on the government to prevent pharmaceutical companies from profiteering on drugs, tests or vaccines used for the Covid-19 pandemic. The government needs to put measures in place to control prices, and ensure availability for everyone on this planet!

What is available to everyone on this planet now is Autohemotherapy (AHT). It costs next to nothing, and is safe. The vaccine for the Covid19 is a long way off and will come too late for many. At present, the best defence against this virus is the body’s own natural defense, its’ immune system. I realize the human body is not familiar with any of the covid19 viral antigens but this natural immunization technique, will help the body cope, potentially saving lives and quickening their recovery. Know, that this natural blood immunization therapy was used just for this purpose before the advent of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals and it worked! It is still being used today. Why are you not hearing about it, maybe because there is no great profit to be made with this therapy!

I have worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist for 30 yrs and have been sick only once with a virus I picked up travelling to the United States. This virus killed thousands of people that year. When I was sick, I practiced AHT twice a day, injecting 1 ml of my own blood into my thigh muscle each time. (I could have even done it 3 times a day). I did this until I was feeling back to normal again which was about a week. The average down time for the majority of people with this flu was one month and even then, it would take another month for them to feel normal again. So, speaking for myself, this self immunization technique worked wonders for me. I have been practicing it for 10 yrs. Also, there have only been positive side effects to this therapy, no negative ones except a few bruises.

Hopefully doctors will put this therapy into place and give patients suffering from Covid19 or any patient suffering from disease a fighting chance. In many instances throughout the last 100 yrs. it was used as a “last resort” and it worked. We should now be using it as a “first resort”!

AHT’s attributes of safety, low cost, and immediate availability suggests a continuing potential utility against a broad spectrum of diseases, viral and bacterial; autoimmune; MS; Parkinsons and cancer as well as wound healing and other tissue injuries.


Dale Lane

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