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A 100 yr old therapy makes a comeback as a treatment for Covid19

Doctors all over the world working at research facilities like those at John Hopkins are looking at a 100 yr old therapy in the hopes of helping people infected with Covid19 survive. Serum Therapy was well practiced before the advent of vaccines, antibiotics and pharmaceuticals and played an important role in the advancement of modern medicine.

When an individual becomes infected with the virus the body will try to fight it off by eventually producing antibodies. When antibodies toward the virus are detectable in the patient’s blood, they are said to have seroconverted. Blood is drawn from these patients and their serum containing the antibodies is then injected into other people who are suffering from the same infection. This gives the inoculated person passive immunity which helps them fight the infection. This protection can last from weeks to months. This was widely used during the 20th century to help stem outbreaks of measles, polio, mumps, and influenza. This process takes time and patients receiving this therapy are susceptible to certain negative side effects ie allergic reactions and contracting other viruses.

Autohemotherapy (AHT) has been around just as long if not longer and was used as an immediate self immunization therapy. This therapy has no negative side effects because it is the patients own blood. It will help stimulate and boost the individual’s immune system and if started early enough will hopefully prevent serious complications due to the virus.

If you are practicing AHT and you don’t have the virus you will be boosting your immune system to a point where it will be working at an optimal controlled level and should you get the virus your body will be better equipped to immediately fight it giving you active immunity in other words your immune system retain memory of this virus.

If you start practicing Autohemotherapy while you have the virus, AHT will help stimulate your immune system. It will “passively” augment the body’s own “actively”- generated antibodies and you will become better equipped to fight off the virus and your immune system will retain memory of this virus.

The reason this virus is so lethal is because our bodies have no memory of this virus, we have not been exposed to it before.

Autohemotherapy is easy, inexpensive, can be started immediately and you can do it in the privacy of your own home taking less than 5 minutes of your time. The science behind this therapy has been well documented and proven to be worthy of practice. I personally have been doing this for 10 yrs. and have only been sick once a few years ago with a flu bug that took the lives of thousands of people. I recuperated within a week’s time where it took others close to two months to recover. I continued with my AHT during my sickness injecting 1 ml of blood every 12 hrs. I do AHT for preventative reasons. I have experienced no negative side effects only numerous positive side effects.

I find it a little ironic that we are at a bit of a technological standstill with this Covid19 virus and we are having to revert back to a 100 yr old natural method for help. Maybe someone out there or up there is trying to tell us something!

If you know of anyone on the front lines, share this information with them.

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