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Our Story

The human body is amazing. It has the ability to heal itself and to defend itself against infectious organisms.  The body is host to numerous different viruses that for the most part remain dormant and do not cause us any problems but could at any point in our life become active due to an unknown trigger and cause illness. There are also many bacteria, viruses and parasites that once inside the body evade detection by hiding themselves inside our own cells. Some bacteria and viruses continuously change their protein coats (change their disguise so to speak) to prevent being discovered. Autohemotherapy helps keep our immune system running at a controlled, optimal level so that it can continuously and effectively identify foreign substances and eradicate them preventing them from taking hold and causing disease.   Autohemotherapy without the use of ozone is the practice of drawing a small sample of your own blood from a vein using a needle and syringe and immediately injecting into your muscle. Since the introduction of this method by Ravaut in 1913. Autohemotherapy has been used in a wide range of health problems or illnesses.  To list a few are: Bacterial and Viral infectious; Autoimmune Diseases; Eczema; Acne; Hypertension; Allergies; Malaria; AIDS; Parkinsons; MS (Multiple Sclerosis); Depression; Anxiety and the list goes on.  Autohemotherapy was well documented and quite popular during first half of the 20th century. A resurgence of interest in Autohemotherapy is again taking place in the first half of the 21st century, this time hopefully, it will maintain a strong and permanent presence.


In Aug of 2011, my best friend and business partner and I decided to practice Autohemotherapy on ourselves becoming our own guinea pigs.  Our plan was to learn as much as possible about this therapy and then share our experience with as many people as possible. After eight years we are now ready to tell you everything we have learned and experienced in the area of Autohemotherapy. Hopefully by the end of this story you will seriously consider Autohemotherapy yourself and share this information with as many people as possible because in actuality, every body will benefit from it.  Our names are Dale and Gabrielle and here is our story.





Gabrielle has spent many years in the area of research and up to this point in my life I had been working for 30 yrs in the field of Medical Laboratory Science.  My knowledge in this area includes Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunohematology, Clinical Microbiology, Histotechnology and Phlebotomy.  Both of us intuitively knew that there was something to this natural blood therapy so we decided to delve a little deeper into Autohemotherapy.  After researching and reading published scientific papers on Autohemotherapy both of us were excited to start practicing this therapy on ourselves. 

Our first step was to research how others were practicing Autohemotherapy. We came across Dr. Luiz Moura who claims to have been using Autohemotherapy since 1943 on himself and who recommended it to many of his patients. The most interesting part of Dr. Luiz Moura’s story is that not only  had he been promoting this therapy for a long time,  the government of his own country had tried to quiet and even stop him from promoting his findings. 


We learned that Autohemotherapy resets the immune system, a recalibration of sorts. We took this as great news and pictured all the autoimmune disorders out there being treated with Autohemotherapy. This therapy requires you to use only one thing and that one thing comes naturally from your own body, no chemicals just your own blood ( Autologous Whole Blood, AWB).  Just think how amazing it would be to have a cure for all those people with diseases like Arthritis, Lupus, Celiac, Psoriases, Chron's, Multiple Sclerosis, Allergies, Eczema, Type 1 Diabetes and so many more. As we near the end of 2020 there are no cures for most diseases, only treatments.  We also got excited knowing that having an immune system working at a contolled, optimal level, bacterial and viral infections like Lymes disease and Influenza, who knows, possibly Aids  would be dealt with quickly. The therapy seemed simple and easy to do and both of us knew we had nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain from doing Autohemotherapy.

I don't have a hang up about needles like lots of people do because phlebotomy (drawing blood) was part of my job, it was injecting the blood that initially bothered me and made me cringe. To my surprise, because the blood is injected at close to body temperature, you do not feel it.  The one who had issues with needles was Gabrielle, she definately had a fear of them.  She was incredibly anxious at the start, so much so that she had to lie down for awhile before she would attempt to take her own blood.  The thought of it would make her blood pressure start to creep up, the perspiration would start to show and then she would try to use every excuse in the book not to do it.  “Oh, the tourniquet is too tight.”, “Oh, I feel like I’m going to pass out.”, “Oh, I really don’t feel good maybe we can do it tomorrow.”  I can honestly tell you that it took a massive amount of patience on my part not to tell her she was being a whimpshit and to just suck it up, but we made a promise to each other as best friends to do this together and this promise was literally signed in blood.  As best friends I was willing to do what it took to get her through the most difficult part of the therapy which was getting comfortable with needles to the point where she could do it on her own without my being there. I taught her how to take her own blood and inject it.  It took a lot of reassurance and coaxing but she finally did it.  We joke about it now with real belly laughs as we imitate each other; it really is something we find funny.

Before we started the therapy, both of us were in pretty good health, neither of us had any major illnesses. For us, this therapy was more for preventative measures than anything else.  We thought if we could keep ourselves from getting sick that would be great in itself.  What we didn't realize is that not only did we not get sick, there were many other bonuses as well.  Like many people we got the flu every year sometimes twice a year. We would get colds and sore throats; we’ve each had many bouts of tonsillitis and strep throat. Allergies would set in every spring time with symptoms of watery eyes and itchy, runny noses. Just imagine not having to buy allergy, cold, flu and sore throat medicine again?  Your body would thank you  greatly for  not ingesting any of those chemicals.


For six months we injected ourselves twice a week with 5 mls of blood  into our deltoid (shoulder) muscle. We started out this way because information on this therapy was limited and the few people that were doing it were injecting 10mls once a week into their butt! Neither of us was able to turn around enough to inject it into that location thank God, and we found 10mls to be quite a substantial amount of blood to be injecting intramuscularly so we broke it down into 5mls twice a week. We continued this for about six months. What we both found almost immediately was an increase in energy, bonus!  This level of energy would peak after the injection and then slowly wane until the next injection.  After several months we both noticed a little more clarity of mind, bonus!  We were able to think quicker, remember things we had long since forgotten, retain information, our brains seemed to be clearer and working faster and we weren’t getting fatigued by the end of the day, another bonus!   We also noticed an increase in physical strength, yet another bonus!

Interestingly, there was a period of cleansing for both of us around he same time.  This occurred within the first couple of months where the body was readjusting. For us this manifested into something similar to a cold bug but the difference was that our energy level was good, we didn’t feel sick, our heads were clear and we just didn't feel sick.  This cleansing or shedding  did  not last long. We now know that depending on your disease or illness, this shedding or cleansing will manifest a little differently in each individual.  The point here is to stick with it!   The period of cleansing will eventually pass and you will be on your way to a controlled and optimally running immune system that will keep you healthy. 

Realizing that our energy levels peaked after an injection and then slowly waned until our next one we decided to change it up to 3 mls, three times a week. Three mls of blood injected was much more comfortable than 5 mls.  We continued on this regime for another year and a half all the while noticing positive side affects of the therapy and no negative side affects other than the occasional bruising and hitting of a nerve once and awhile.

We were not getting the colds, flu, or sore throats like we did before starting this therapy.  Springtime would come and go and no suffering from allergies.  We would at times get the sniffles or a raspy throat, indicating the beginnings of something but our energy levels stayed up, our heads remained clear, it never felt like we had to rest in bed and it usually disappeared within a day or two.  Sometimes we would give ourselves an extra shot, believe it or not, just to make sure we wouldn’t get sick if we felt like something was brewing. This extra injection worked like a charm. My job entailed working in a hospital laboratory, surrounded by germs so I was pretty stoked that I was not getting sick.  We are not saying that you won't catch a bug or won't experience an event that might trigger a disease, but if your immune system is working optimally the duration and severity of your sickness will be greatly reduced.  You may need to take antibiotics or other medication if you do get sick but continue with the Autohemotherapy, do not stop.  Both Gabrielle and I went through a few very stressful events during this time and noticed we were able to handle the stress a lot better, again taking extra injections when we felt they were needed.  Our extra injection was  taken 12 hrs after our regular one. 


In the fall of 2015 we decided to stimulate our immune system on a daily basis by injecting 1 ml of blood into our muscle once a day.  The reason behind doing Autohemotherapy everyday is similar to the way antibiotics work.  After you take your first dose of antibiotic you achieve a certain level (a boost) of it in your blood.  You then continue to take your antibiotics on a regular basis until a therapeutic level is reached.  AT this point the antibiotic is able to help the body effectively fight off the infection.  You then maintain this therapeutic level in your blood by continuing to take the antibiotic at regular intervals.  Stopping or forgetting to take your antibiotic will cause blood levels to fall making the antibiotic less effective in helping the body get rid of the infection.  The bacteria could spread and also become resistant to the antibiotic.  By doing Autohemotherapy everyday your immune system will run at a controlled,  optimal level  continuously healing the body. 

We discovered that 1 ml of blood was the optimum dose of blood to illicit an immune response.  This meant that injecting more than 1 ml will not create a stronger or longer immune response.  In this case, more is not better.  Also, less than 1 ml of blood injected will not create an adequate response.  The blood also has to be injected into muscle tissue for optimum results, injecting into fatty tissue does not elicit a proper response. We also noticed that if we went longer than  48 hrs without an injection we did start to feel a difference in our bodies. 

At this point we switched to using our thigh muscles. We would be doing injections everyday and wanted a bigger muscle to work with. We found 1 ml of blood was a comfortable amount for the muscle to take. It was genuinely hard in the beginning doing it on a daily basis. My routine was to do it before I went to bed each night. It was determined that it was best to do it around the same time everyday.  Many times I would get into bed and just before falling asleep I would jolt awake remembering I hadn’t done my blood and thinking to myself, “Damn, do I really want to get up, turn the light on and poke myself?”  Many times I really just didn’t feel like doing it or I was too tired, but the benefits we were experiencing outweighed any thoughts of not doing it. When I went travelling I took my supplies with me. I can honestly say I have been doing it on a daily basis now for four years and have only missed a couple of days. It has become a part of my daily routine.  Gabrielle also found it difficult at times to do it everyday due to pretty much the same complaints I had, but she did it and has only missed a couple of days in four years.

We have poked our vein/veins close to two thousand times and it/they still look the same as when we started. We were able to use the same vein for drawing blood everday.  It would be healed and ready for use the next day, the exact same spot. It took me awhile to believe this but seeing is believing and NO you do not get anything that resembles track marks, CLICK HERE.  It is amazing that something that only takes five minutes a day, will keep you healthy.

Gabrielle and I are committed to reaching out to as many people as possible and telling them about this therapy. It is affordable, it’s easy to do once you get the hang of it and you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Autohemotherapy could be the answer to your health problems; maybe it's time to take your health into your own hands. It is a very powerful feeling knowing that you can take control of your own health by a purely simple natural means. What have you got to lose?

Below is a list of what Autohemotherapy has done for both Gabrielle and myself. 

" What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. "   Albert Pine 

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