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Auto = self          Hemo = blood          Therapy = treatment intended to heal 

A treatment for healing the body in which one's own freshly drawn blood is immediately injected into one's own muscle.

History of Autohemotherapy


Autohemotherapy was defined as a therapeutic method in 1912 by the French physician Paul Revaut.   In 1913 he described his technique and indications for the first time in his important article, published in the Annals of Dermatology and Syphiligraphy,  entitled "Essay on autohemotherapy in some dermatoses." He also used Autohemotherapy in the treatment of Typhoid Fever, asthma, urticaria and anaphylactic states. 

In October 1924, the Portuguese physician Alberto Carlos David concluded his doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine of Porto, in which he affirmed that his thesis - THE AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY IN DERMATOSES- arose from knowledge of brilliant cures obtained in furunculosis by auto-hemotherapy. Click Here

By 1938 it was already known that autohemotherapy had the ability to fight infections and the French physician Gaston de Lyon used autohemotherapy to prevent amputation of  infected limbs. 

In 1940 Dr. Jesse Texeira published an article in the American Journal of Surgery about the use of  Autohemotherapy in 300 of his surgical cases. On cases where he used the therapy there was a rate of 0% postoperative lung infections. On his control group where the therpapy was not applied there was a 20% rate of postoperative lung infections.  This was at a time in history when Diethyl ether was being used as an anesthetic. Ether causes irritation of the mucous membranes in the lungs which in turn can cause infection.

By the 1940's antibiotics such as penicillin were in full use and autohemotherapy was losing its appeal with the introduction of new antimicrobial drugs. 

In Brazil as early as 1943 Dr. Luiz Moura and his father Dr. Pedro Moura   treated many of  their patients with Autohemotherapy. 

In 1976 Dr. Luiz Moura started using Autohemotherapy in a much bigger way. He treated his patients for many illnesses like Lupus, Myasthenias, Rhematoid Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma, Acne, Rhinitis, Scleroderma. He also used it himself for preventative measures such as to avoid cerebral and cardiac vascular accidents and prevention of cancer. He claimed that there was no limit to its use and could be used for a lifetime. Dr.Luiz Moura was prohibited from practicing medicine in 2007 by the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rio de Janeiro for his practicing of Autohemotherapy. He died in 2016. Transcription of the DVD with the interview of Dr. Luiz Moura on Auto-hemotherapy, Click Here

In Brazil it has been implied that Autohemotherapy is prohibited and there is no interest from ANVISA (National Sanitary Surveillance Agency) or Council of Medicine to clarify that auto-hemotherapy is not legally prohibited, since there is no law that cites it as an activity harmful to society. By not clarifying the law and saying that there is a lack of scientific evidance of its efficacy it has created  a repressed demand for the continued use of the therapy. Due to its cost-benefit ratio and its satisfactory effectiveness, AHT has become a treatment of choice for patients with chronic-degenerative diseases, especially autoimmune diseases which have little or no improvement in their clinical settings with traditional methods which are expensive and can cause serious adverse affects. These people are claiming their right to carry out the AHT at the same time as the health professionals who believe in this method of treatment. 

Other countries practicing Autohemotherapy besides Brazil are mainly  France, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, the United States, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Angola, Cape Verde, Australia, Bulgaria, Japan and United Kingdom.                     

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