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Food For Thought

Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders are caused when the body has an abnormal immune response to the body, any part of the body may be involved. Millions of people suffer from these diseases. They say that Autoimmune diseases are incurable, so if this is the case, what have you got to lose by trying Autohemotherapy. 


Why isn't Canada included in the list of countries practicing Autohemotherapy?  Actually, they are now, as of 2019 but it is Majory Autohemotherapy with the use of ozone.  If enough people start to recognize this therapy as a positive and beneficial form of alternative medicine maybe we can get some clinical trials going in Canada without the use of ozone. 

Dormant Viruses

There are also many diseases out there that doctors are not familiar with their cause. For example could the possible cause of Parkinson’s Disease be the result of a  dormant virus in the body being somehow activated and  due to a suboptimal immune system that virus was allowed to replicate and grow and cause damage by destroying neurons in the brain. What about Lou Gehrigs disease (ALS)? Is the cause of this disease from an activated previously dormant virus? If there was a therapy out there that was able to boost and reset the body’s immune system making it possible to recognize this newly activated virus and eliminate it, wouldn’t you want to give it a try.  


I would definitely recommend reading up on the toxic effects of fluoride. A good book to read is called "The Flouride Deception" by Christopher Bryson. It is known that fluoride is given to people to dumb them down so to speak, make them more cooperative. Antidepressants, what do you think Prozac consists of?  No wonder people feel like Zombies when they take it. Here is a video on "Fluoride and The Brain", CLICK HERE.  It can also cause fluorosis (mottled enamel) of the teeth. ​Here is just one of many videos to watch on the effects of fluoride called "Crippling Waters",  CLICK HERE.  Fluoride is also thought to form plagues in the brain causing dementia, maybe it is the culprit in forming arterial plagues as well, what about it being one causative agent of cancer. It causes calcification of the pineal gland for all you people out there trying to increase your psychic ability. Autohemotherapy will help decalcify the pineal gland. Fluoride is toxic to our bodies, Autohemotherapy  may help get rid of the negative effects of fluoride. Scientific Fluoride Documentary, "The Great Culling - No Mere Conspiracy Theory", CLICK HERE, "Fluoride: Poison On Tap", Full Documentary, CLICK HERE.  Just to let you know that if it is fluoride free it actually has to say it, on your bottled water, toothpaste etc. Do you chew gum? Does it have fluoride in it? They say chewing gum helps clean the teeth. Personally, I think it adds to tooth decay due to the fluoride.

Junk DNA

Our so called Junk DNA is there for a purpose or we wouldn't have it. Only 2% of the human genome has been mapped and knows what it does, what about the other 98%. What if Autohemotherapy actually activates some of this so called Junk DNA (which I believe it does) and this in turn somehow helps the body in healing itself. Maybe  by activating this junk DNA the body  somehow re-calibrates itself and  resets the immune system  into recognizing what is foreign and what is self.  Who knows what else the body may do once some of this junk DNA is activated, maybe a longer life, slowing down the aging process. Maybe we will be able to access  more of our brain, evolve. 


Tooth Decay

The way a cavity  forms leads me to believe that they are caused by a virus. Why is it that when a cavity is finally noticed it looks like a tiny hole on the outside of the tooth but there is more decay inside of the tooth? I believe  cavities form from the inside out from a virus you have circulating through your body. Why do some people have fewer cavities than others? Maybe their immune system is better equipped at  eliminating the virus that causes tooth decay. I believe plaque on teeth will cause dental caries as well  but the real culprit is a virus.  Autohemotherapy may help keep the tooth virus at bay and dental caries will become less prevalent. 



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